A letter to freshman

Image from theodysseyonline.com Welcome to high school. It is not very fun here. I had terrible run-ins so I will do my best to help you avoid them. Firstly, find a group or a couple groups of people you get along with. Always walk, sit and talk with them. Make sure they are good influences on […]

Fuzzy therapy

Picture from bighandslittlepaws.org I’ve never been much afraid Dogs or cats or birds or bats in caves I always liked the fluffy things soft fur, cute ears, cute paws they are comforting. Snuggling, licking, cuddling, purring Cats relax me. They snuggle and meow and purr and curl up They are funny creatures. big eyes, strange […]

Dirt Diamond

The dirt diamond Hot and sweaty Dirty and dayzed I remember Trapped behind the chain linked fence On edge with every hit While parents scream at their kids “Run” I pick up my feet and round bases My mind drifts like the dust clouds my feet make I see them at the mound Ready to […]

Mary Marley

There was a girl. Her name was Mary. Mary had issues with her life. Her parents were nice. Her house was fine. They could buy food and pay bills easily, but something about it she just didn’t like. All those things didn’t make her upset. Her body did. She wasn’t over wight, under wight, or […]

My Family

                                   This is my family. It is little and broken but still good. Yeah, still good. This quote from Lilo and Stitch could not be more fitting for my family. The people close to me in my family are […]

Landscape Story

As I walk the beach at sunset I think of all the times I spent here. Riding a longboard down the boardwalk and building sandcastles in the bright sun. My favorite memory was the camp with my grandfather. He visited us one summer and me and him set up a camp on the beach. We […]

Good comments

Good comments are a bit hard to understand so I thought I would help with letting you all know. Good comments consist of, hopefully, 3 sentences and relate to the topic of the post. Say someone was writing about their family. You aren’t going to talk about their car. Let us say this person is […]

The perspective of art

I am made of just 4 white square canvases. The only contrast is the lines where I was connected. I hang above a grand piano, polished to perfection. There is nothing wrong with me. I have no flaws, yet the person staring at me seems to think I am the most flaws. Perhaps they are […]