My Family

                                   This is my family. It is little and broken but still good. Yeah, still good.

This quote from Lilo and Stitch could not be more fitting for my family. The people close to me in my family are my mom, grandmother, stepfather, and step-grandfather. They all love me and I love them very much. I will talk about my grandfather too. He may be gone but I still remember all the funny stuff we did.

Let us begin with my mom. My mother has always been more like a sister or friend to me until I was 8. I lived mostly with my grandmother back then because my mom did not have the money so support me yet. When I did move in with her and start to spend most my time with her we bonded even more. My mom gave me my taste in music, tv shows, style, and she gave me my laugh. We both will watch sci-fi or fantasy together. Like Dr.Who or the Harry potter movie series. She got me in to the Red Hot Chile Peppers, ACDC, Queen, and others. She used to dress like me all the time when she was in high school. She did crazy things with her hair. She liked ripped jeans and baggy t-shirts. She hung around the same types of people, and she loved sneakers. No, not nike or adidas but converse and vans. Those type of sneakers. She sings too. She used to all the time. she had a band and everything. She still sings sometimes in the bar she works at. My mom is the coolest mom you could ask for.

My grandma is also really cool. She is the kind of cool that is super quirky. She is the person I always talk to about my problems and things. She is super weird and funny. She took me to disney and she used to take care of me. I lived with her and my grandfather. Then my mom got financially stable. We can joke and laugh, but we can also be serious and cry. She and I usually watch feel good movies. We both find romances to be stupid, as well as horror. She thinks horror is dumb because its purpose is to scare you. I think its dumb because they always have the actors walk right into death instead of realistically run from it. Me and my grandmother always have fun.

Stepfather is a very weird position to take up. Mine manages. We have had issues but he is still in my family and I still want him happy. We have only had face to face arguments about stupid little things. Chores not getting done “right” or on time. We fight mostly cus he wants the house to be clean right away and I find those conversations to be pointless and repetitive. They are funny to look back at. I have had bigger issues with him but I kept them to myself because I know he tries and is trying to get better. He is the one who gives me my chore money too. I’m kidding of course (mostly). He likes to take me places and get breakfast with me on the way to school. He is also just a call away. He dos try really hard.

My step-grandfather is WAY cooler than I ever dreamed. We have basically the same personality. We are both introverted, we both love rock n’ roll especially those 80’s rock anthems. He used to be a drummer in a band. I want to sing in one. He even knows what memes are. The only difference is he level of spirituality. I’m not particularly spiritual. I don’t even consider myself atheist because I think there is probably something out there. He is a die hard christian. Not a bible thumper but he loves God. Nothing wrong with that at all. We clearly get along extraordinarily.

I have brought up my grandfather a couple times in this. Not my step-grandfather but my original. This man was my role model. He was nice, funny, caring, genuine, and never stopped loving people. He passed when I was 8. It was part of the reason my mom finished pulling herself together so quickly. I’m not sad. I will always remember him and look up to him. He raced horses, he lived next to his mother to support her, he made dinner most nights (my grandmother just couldn’t handle that crappy stove).  He was an amazing person. This last bit wasn’t to make you sad or feel bad for me. I merely wanted to include him in this because he is still part of my family even if he is gone. I love him regardless.

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  1. G’day Mal,
    Great post about family. I love the way you have divided it up in paragraphs – one for each person. It would be easier to read though, if there was an extra line at the end of each paragraph.

    Also the dark red background makes it difficult to read the posts easily.

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