Mary Marley

There was a girl. Her name was Mary. Mary had issues with her life. Her parents were nice. Her house was fine. They could buy food and pay bills easily, but something about it she just didn’t like. All those things didn’t make her upset. Her body did. She wasn’t over wight, under wight, or the poster child for the word “ugly” though she enjoyed being modest. She was friends with boys. She liked boy things. She didn’t care about makeup, dresses or shaving her legs. She liked t-shirts, jeans, hoodies,sneakers, and keeping her face un-caked with makeup. She wanted to look like the boys she was friends with. She became he and he quickly grew up. He went into high school under a new name. He gained new friends and kept some old. Surrounded himself with support showered himself with love and soon, went to collage. Then it was Christmas break. He hadn’t seen his family in months. He had changed so much. He hadn’t told them either. Still he came home for the holidays. He knocked on the door. “Hello? Can I help you sir?”, said the lady behind the screen door. He replied with a simple word. “Mother.” The woman looked shocked. She flung open the door and hugged this newly found man. “Mary?” asked his mother. “Not anymore Ma. I’m Marley now.” Then Marley got more love from his family. He was reunited with them. The End.

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  1. G’day Mal,
    Great post! I like the way you have included the links as part of the actual story instead of adding them at the end. It keeps the post looking clean.

  2. I love this story! I don’t know why, but I’m really into stories when a girl turns into a guy. It’s just so fun to read something so interesting! I bet wherever Marley went he was called a pretty boy… right? cause he actually is a girl right? He’s got the body of a girl right? Even without makeup he’s got a pretty face right? ~ ^ ^ Which simply makes him a pretty boy!

    i hope you visit my blog as well!

    E L L A

    1. Yes I’m sure he was . I will visit your blog. Thank you.

  3. Short stories are so nice. I love myself a thick chapter book, but sometimes a quick story is good enough. I find it odd how I can sit there for less than a minute yet experince so many emotions. I love your style of writing. Check my blog out if you’d like.

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